Certainly the new reality reflection system received great acceptance and success among the public, that immediately directed its demand to two different products of a common background, the portrait and the landscape. To seize the immediate, its proper features.

Photography gradually opened way to the democratization of image that used to be an exclusive property of social elites, people able to pay a painter’s work. At the end of 19th century many people could posses among their most appreciated goods (and at a reasonable price), their own portrait, the portrait of their beloved ones or the picture of their surroundings, their house, street, parish or city.

It’s normal that in Guadalajara city some photographers settled permanently between 1900 and 1920. Among them, we must mention Manuel ARIZA (since 1897), Francisco MARÍ (1906), Ángel ARQUER (1912) or Francisco GOÑI (1918), more dedicated to photographic press than image studio like his other colleagues.

But the true driving force of photography in Guadalajara was the Photograph Service. This organization, linked to the Military Air Base, apart from military interest, worked as a true photography school that was later integrated into civil society. In this Service, worked professionals so prestigious and creative as José Ortiz Echagüe, Eduardo Susanna, or José Reyes Ruiz, all of them, part of the historical photographic trends.

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