It was donated to the Provincial Council in 1954 by the widow of the famous photographer from Alcarria, Tomás Camarillo Hierro (1879-1954). This collection is composed essentially of two great picture groups. One photographic and the other cinematographic. The collection also includes the photograph equipment of the author, as well as his publications and decorations.

The photograph collection is composed of 1848 pictures dated between 1924 and 1948. The pictures portray 287 villages, towns and cities from the province of Guadalajara. Those pictures show numerous details of natural landscapes, streets, squares, corners, and remarkable buildings like churches, castles or big houses, as well as general views of urban landscape. There are also included portraits of many locals, in their jobs and traditional parties, dressed in their typical clothing.

1575 of them still maintain their negatives (94 made of glass and 1481 acetates) and 273 maintain only the positives. We also have 651 big size reproductions realized by the author for expositions, (1924-1944) and 1475 in postcard format.

The legacy of Tomás Camarillo includes also 10 boxes of 35 mm film, positives and negatives. Each one contains a movie or a movie fragment. Those pictures document the vitality and dynamism of the capital and town society of Guadalajara province in the 20’s of the last century. They show close-ups of remarkable characters of that time as well as collective shots of large social sectors doing different activities: sportive events like football, wide range of parties, like work parties in factories, and many others. This material, that had been made completely useless by time, was restored recently according to an agreement signed between the Provincial Council of Guadalajara and the Spanish film library.

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