This collection was discovered at the beginning of the 90’s by Alejandro Latorre Atance and Luis Vegas Ramos when they were reforming the house that today is the headquarters of their firm. This collection was delivered as a deposit to the Investigators Library of the Council on 9th April of 1998.

It consists of 1057 pictures, 1 photograph album called Aviación de Guadalajara (1915-6-7-8.) Aeródromo Militar de Guadalajara and 29 boxes of several sizes with photograph material, produced by different international firms in the first half of the 20th century. 588 from more than a thousand of pictures maintain the negatives (371 glass plates and 217 acetates) and 468 of them maintain only the positives. The pictures are dated between 1896 and 1941.

The topics included in this collection are very diverse. After digitalization and listing, the collection is organized in nine sections.

The most numerous is the aeronautics section. Includes 179 pictures of different kinds of balloons and zeppelins which reflect the important presence that the military airport units had in Guadalajara since the end of 19th century until the 30’s of the 20th century. Apart from those, 262 pictures are distinguished and grouped in the aviation subsection. They document the existence of the missing military airport of Guadalajara and the construction of several planes in Hispano factory. This section is completed with many aerial views taken from balloons or planes as well as other military topics related to the engineer brigade activities in the city.

The remaining sections document a diverse number of themes that reflect the Guadalajara of the first half of the 20th century. Among them we can distinguish 120 images of people performing different activities, 64 exterior and interior views of the Hispano factory that document the worker’s activity, 112 pictures of different sports like athletics, football, boxing or cycling, 74 urban views and 69 natural landscapes.

There are several photographers documented in this collection: Fernández Palacios brothers that, according to our investigations, were also the ones who compiled this collection from 1913 until 1936. Some of the photographers portrayed, like Jose Reyes and Arquer, were sent to the Guadalajara military base while others dwelled in Guadalajara during the 20’s and 30’s of the 20th century.

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