Donated to the Photography Centre 14 October 2002 by Fernando Poyatos Fuster (Calahorra, 1933) this collection is composed nowadays of 253 pictures. 205 still maintain the negatives (35 mm). There exist positives from those times of 10 x 15 cm and another 40 positives of 16,50 x 24 manually enlarged by the author.

All the pictures, dated between 1958 and 1974, were taken by professor Poyatos and they show different aspects of Budía daily life (122 pictures) and other villages of the province of Guadalajara (Alocen, Atienza, Brihuega, Budia, Castilmimbre, Durón, El Olivar, Mantiel, Millana, Picazo, Salcedón y Valdelagua) visited by the author when he came back to Alcarria for holidays. Because of its date, the whole collection is an unmatched chronicle of Guadalajara’s transformation between the post war period and the development rush of the 60’s.

The collection was catalogued and digitalized with Fernando Poyatos’ collaboration. This allowed each picture to receive a specific title, as well as a short personal commentary, where the author discloses the intimate context of his work.


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