Hortelanos de Guadalajara. c. 1880He was a French illustrator who came to Spain in 1843 and became interested in photography in 1857. He worked as royal portrait photographer and journalist for publications as La Ilustración Española y Americana (Spanish and American Illustration) and La Crónica (The Chronicle). That was the reason why he travelled through Spain making hundreds of pictures of people and monuments. As a result of this hard work he published in 1879 a work list with more than five thousand pictures. This work list was called Guide du touriste en Espagne et en Portugal.

In this collection there are seven pictures dedicated to Guadalajara, two to Cogolludo, one to Sigüenza and five to landscapes and people from the province. Later, this number would increase immensely as a result of the work realized by his collaborators in the firm Laurent y Cía.

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