Photography Florencio NavarroFlorencio Navarro settled in Guadalajara in 1883. Some years before he had started as a photographer in Alcalá de Henares. Here, he worked in Main Street 44, where there already existed another photograph atelier managed between 1864 and 1870 by Francisco Eyré and Vicente Vázquez.

 Navarro’s study worked only occasionally, because he still kept open the atelier in Alcalá, until 1894 when his son-in-law Enrique Cambero settled definitively in Guadalajara and started to satisfy the daily demand of the residents of Guadalajara and its surroundings.

Portraits were a speciality of the Navarro & Son speciality, offering delicate images with the help of Felisa Navarro, a painter responsible for the final touches.

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